More then Half way !!

More then Half way !!

Sorry to say that focused on our high stress and demanding work, we forgot to keep you updated on the construction progress. Consequently, a huge step has been done since our last information !! More than 400 m of deck have been lifted on each side of the bridge, what means more than half of the total main span length… Still 600 m to go before the closure which can today be expected around February 2016.


Despite of that it is now possible to cross the Bosporus keeping dry feet by using the catwalk, a sort of temporary footbridge used to assemble the main cables. People how are scared of height….don’t go ! climbing from 0 to +305 m of height, down to +100 m before climbing again to +305 m and down to 0 is quite an adventure !

The huge 120 to. cast steel saddles have been lifted on the top of the towers last August. Since then, the main cable have been assembled by pulling 127 wires strands from one shore to the other. They are now close to be completed. Compaction will follow and placement of the cable bands and of the hangers, what will allow for the lifting of the first suspended segments.

The situation after 2.5 years of construction is just impressive.

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