Connection ahead



Connection ahead !


Time is running fast and weeks are passing without warning. Each and every week with its new complex operations to complete the compaction of the main cable, the installation of the cable bands, to lift the last segment of the transition zone.  




Early January the first segments of the central suspended part have been lifted directly from the main cable. A very sensitive opération which has to be logically done simultaneously on each side to control the horizontal displacement of the main cable.

And here we are ! next step……the connection ! a great event and a great time for such a construction. Should take place early march if the weather remains on ours ide. Just remember, May 29th, 2013 the ground breaking ceremony ! just 32 month ago ! no comment.

Let’s keep you posted early march to comment and give you our feeling after having connected the two continents, what a symbol….what a story !

pictures: ICA


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